I Started Taking Kratom 3X per Week and Here’s what Happened

I was recently in the Tampa Bay area. I really like it there – but that’s another story 🌴.

Driving around, I noticed several Vape shops had hastily made banners hung out saying “KRATOM”.  I wasn’t sure if it was something you smoked or vaped or what.

I know my sister (the semi-hippie health nut) was taking it, but I didn’t know much else.

In downtown St. Pete’s, I stopped into a so-called kava cafe. They were advertising kratom tea.

It was packed. There were lots of tattooed folk, drinking ugly grey drinks and relaxing around wooden tables. I felt like I stumbled into an opium den.

I had to wait in line for 5 minutes or so when the harried girl behind the counter asked me what I wanted.