About NME

Depression and anxiety are horrible.

They can bring you to a complete, miserable standstill.  You either can’t go on or just don’t feel like it.

They  make your life really crappy.

I have suffered from both.  But, after seeing what 20 years of prescription antidepressants did to my mother, I decided I did not want to go down that road.

I am dedicated to exploring all natural, healthy ways to combat anxiety and depression. I’ve found a ton of amazing information that has changed my life.  Natural Mood Enhancers is all about helping others find alternative ways to improve their emotional well being.

The human brain and body are amazing and I believe that most people can better their lives tremendously by using what nature has given us all to work with.

So I have started NaturalMoodEnhancers.com to share every tip and suggestion out there to help people live their lives in happy calmness.

Welcome and let’s start to feel better naturally.

John Astrab